The Nature of Healing

Subject: The art of healing has always been one of my many passions. However, at times I can become imbalance, lost, and forget to slow down and reflect over my own health. As a future student in pursuit of a career in medicine, I have begun to explore the nature of healing, the art of creating wholeness and well being, in order to expand my own awareness in answering what is the nature of healing? On my quest of exploring the nature of healing, my goal was to understand not only the physical, metal, and emotional aspects healing, but also the relationship to the spirit and soul as well. Through researching two paradigms in medicine, holistic and conventional, my mind has been open to different processes in the healing arts, but most importantly I have come to acknowledge and feel an immense gratitude towards my own body, and it’s natural healing capacity to continuously regenerate and repair. 

Structure: Being attentive to the fact that that the art of healing is making things whole I have been inspired by the golden ratio, which represents a continuous whole, to create a piece of art mirroring balance, harmony, and in some aspect a sense of healing. The golden ratio and golden spiral represent a continuous process occurring in our bodies and in nature. Found in the smallest cells of our bodies, DNA, nature, and the infinite universe, the golden ratio has also been translated into our architecture and art. 

Color: When I think of healing, shades of purple come to my mind. While purple can be looked at as a color in between red, a hot color, and blue a cool color, purple was historically looked at as a symbol of royalty. Personally I believe that being healthy is also a state of wealth, and high standard of living in itself. If a king or queen is not in good- health, how can they care for their country? Heath is indeed, one of life’s greatest gifts, and it is conveyed through the dominate color in my painting, which are shades of purple. 

Feathers: The feathers are a representation of balance and life. Without balance we cannot stand let alone live. Our bodies are perfect examples of creating balance, harmony, proportion in order to function properly. 

Meaning: Before final project, I had always thought that healing had to be associated with disease, discomfort, or a lacking of something. However, as I begun exploring the beauty of healing I realized that like the golden rectangle and spiral, healing is a continuous state, which our bodies generate. By being conscious and aware that our health is crucial to whatever our goals are in life, and that we do have the natural ability to heal ourselves, I hope that the viewer will sense an emotion of healing, balance, and harmony, and come to appreciate the bodies own potential to heal, while viewing all aspects of life as a whole, and not just parts.