Here you can order an original watercolor painting, unique, and one of a kind. I create pieces as orders come in and I hand sketch all of my pieces, so none of them are ever the same. Creating original pieces allows me to work with each client individually, which I value and enjoy doing as it allows me to collaborate and allow my clients to be a part of the creative process. If you decide to order a commission, we will work as a team to ensure that it turns out the way you want. Below I have laid out the pricing of some of the more commonly ordered commissions, but feel free to order something not on the list. If you order a painting not on the list, we will discuss the price together. Thank you.

Original Watercolor Size Price (includes shipping)*
Map Map with Scenery 9" x 12" $250
Plain Map (any color) 9" x 12" $150
Animal Postcard 4" x 6" $80
Full Size 9" x 12" $150
Four Whale Series 9" x 12" $200
Four Whale Series 11" x 15" $300
Trees Postcard 4" x 6" $60
Full Size 9" x 12" $130
Large (with or without ripped edges) 11" x 15" $200
Other Let me know what you're thinking below Up to you Negotiable
*These prices are estimations and do not necessarily include special requests.