Artist Biography


Sophia Trinh is an American Vietnamese watercolor artist from Seattle, Washington. She started painting at the age of four while attending Seattle Waldorf School. In kindergarten, Sophia was introduced to the primary colors through wet-on-wet painting which focuses on the experience of colors rather than form. It was through these early experiences of painting that Sophia developed a love for watercolors.

In high school Sophia was selected to attend a rigorous interdisciplinary arts program at The Oxbow School in Napa, California. It was at Oxbow that Sophia was inspired to use art as tool to engage others, and communicate ideas.

Sophia’s work is a synthesis of creativity, and imagination, science, and geometry. Many of her paintings use white space to draw the viewers focus towards the image.

In 2015, Sophia began sharing her artwork with the public. Since then, her paintings have been a part of weddings, marriage proposals, birthday gifts, and artwork hanging in people's homes. Sophia’s hope in sharing her art with the world is that others will be encouraged to find space in their lives for art, and creativity.