8.24.19 Psychology of Play: Experimentation painting the moon.

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8.24.19 Psychology of Play: Experimentation painting the moon.


Have you been curious to learn more about wet on wet watercolor painting and the benefits of play?

In this two hour workshop, Suzan a licensed psychologist and I will explore the psychological benefits of play through a step by step training of how to paint the moon. Through my experience teaching art, I have observed that letting go of control and need to perfect is a common barrier to creativity. Most of my favorite paintings have come from mistakes for example the moon and clouds painting depicted in this description.

In this two hour class will go through the basics of wet on wet watercolors painting by experimentation and discussion on the benefits of play! This class is limited to 15 participants and registration will close 8. 16. 19

The structure of the class will be as following:

15 Minutes Instruction and Intro to Playing!

25 Minutes PLAY TIME- Paint first circle/ layer of the moon.

15 Minute group discussion and observation

30 Minutes of Play TIME- Paint the details of the moon

15 Minute group discussion and observation

10 Minute Conclusion

When: 8.24.19

Time: 4:30 pm- 6:30 pm

Where: The Collective outdoor patio

Cost: $25 (Instructions and includes one free glass of white or red wine).

Please bring the following material to the class, while the below brands are highly suggested, you can bring whatever brushes and watercolor paper you already have.  

Suggested materials:

Return policy: Given that this class is limited there is no refund.

*Note: Although Suzan Ahmed, Ph.D., is a licensed psychotherapist, this is an educational art class, and not a form of group or art therapy. She is happy to provide resources for therapeutic services throughout Seattle if any student is interested.

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